My mind goes still amongst the ambient sounds and the changing landscapes;
my eyes embrace the soft light dancing amidst the trunks. 

I'm too aware that they, that this, will all be cleared in a few short months 
and the light will be forced upon gravel roads and turf lined houses;
parking lots and a fast food restaurant.

The first tree Dad cut down, left a pang I wasn't familiar with. I had visited with the intention of finding a log lying on the ground that I could salvage, a fallen hero collected guilt free. This time, my tracks led to empty ends and one pine was selected and marked. Endings can sometimes catch you off guard, twirl you around and leave you longing to be somewhere other than the sea of sadness you find yourself in.  In short, I had no idea how hard it would be to watch a tree fall.


My head has become clearer now, gently untangled with the knowledge that we exist in a space where new forms can emerge. A sacrifice can be bundled with immense gratitude and years of growth treasured and remembered. I cannot save all the trees but I can honour those that come into my possession, say thank-you to nature and create something in return. 

My hope is,
We save what we can, re-purpose what we can't and connect with what we do have.


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