The Dad Tree (Ben's Side)

Wooden Stool Process

Ben, the boyfriend, jumped over the fence exclaiming he had presents for me. He'd just come back from a day at his Dad's property and hinted there was some chainsaw action involved. He popped his car's boot and inside lay amazing rounds of hardwood, each with their own, hollowed out detail. In the months since, ideas have swirled around my head of how to use the wood to their best advantage. I'm excited to see where the making journey takes me and I'm grateful to have a boyfriend who knows rounds of wood make the best presents of all.

Australian Hardwood

Taking the slice and transforming it into a smooth surface is always a magical process

Wooden Rounds Stool

A few trips back and forth from the hardware store to figure out how to smooth the center.

Hardwood Furniture
And lots of filling and sanding back the gaps