D I P P E D   L E G S

Dipped leg stool

The Dipped Legs Stand had a parallel path to the Harlequin Stand,

I first delved into wood working coinciding with a move to a rural property in 2014. I started to notice all the logs being burnt in our fire place. I had never considered wood before in such aesthetic terms but now I had a desire to save them. I googled and came across the $5 bucket stool challenge which involved making a cement top. My cement mixing skills were sub par and I eventually moved onto thinking about an all wooden design. After finding a wood round on the property I humbly asked Ben (the boyfriend) if sawing it in half was an achievable thing. His enthusiasm and help meant within a few hours the round was cut into two lovely tops and I went on a search in the log stack for the legs.

cement stool
The beginning stages

wooden painted stool
The Final Stand

With this stand, I learnt that cement is hard (pun intended) that 
I learn by just doing and it's okay to fix up mistakes or change colours, 
basically, don't stop until you're proud. 

I also discovered the value of sealing a piece especially if destined 
for a high humidity setting like a bathroom :)

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