Foot Down Stool

F O O T   D O W N   S T O O L

$ 4 5 0

Australian timber furniture

You can read more about the tree that this stool came from over here.

Australian timber

To strip the bark off this stool's leg was the hardest component - a lot of hours of chiseling and sanding back but I think it's also the stool's nicest feature.

Rustic Furniture

I painted the outside of the top with a fresh coat of white paint

Australian Wood Maker

and continued the white underneath as well.

Wooden Stool

Whilst sanding back the top, some heat marks appeared.  I normally go back over these until they are no longer visible but I liked the character they added this time.

Handmade wood stool

If you look carefully you can see a tiny little foot shape on one of the legs, hence it's name :)


// Designs built with care.

// Locally sourced materials to minimise carbon foot print.
// Small scale production to bring back value, into what we buy.
// Working with materials that compost and return to the earth to cause the least harm.
// Give back program.

tree planting program

// DETAILS  //

// 52cm (height) x 27.5cm (width)

// Hand painted using reclaimed white house paint
// Finished with OSMO; a naturally derived, Oil & Wax (vegan friendly) to keep the natural look and feel of the wood

// Sanded to a smooth finish with gentle mark-making reminders, left to show the hands that created the stool.



// CARE //

// To keep clean, simply wipe over with a damp cloth. Some naturally weathering of wood may occur over time but this will simply enhance the original nature of the piece.

// Not recommended to stand upon.

// Indoor use recommended.