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timber furniture

You can read more about the tree that this stand came from over here.

progress shot

The name of each stand mostly comes to me during the making process. As I was stripping away the bark I knew I wanted to keep this stand as plain as possible - the leg colour and top (with it's decisive ring markings) were too striking to consider altering and thus the nickname plain Jane :)

home decor stool

I've added two hand-made tassels which can be removed or placed on different legs depending on your styling preference.

simple nautic stool

I like to design stands that are a little bit different and although this stand shows no signs of being mass produced it does have a more polished look than my other stands.  It's truly only on the final day of making that I get to see the complete design and for this stand all the elements came harmoniously together.

Open to a variety of ways to style in your home.

australian bedroom decor


// Designs built with care.
// Locally sourced materials to minimise carbon foot print.
// Small scale production to bring back value, into what we buy.
// Working with materials that compost and return to the earth to cause the least harm.
// Give back program.

tree planting program

// DETAILS  //

// 42cm (height) x 26cm (width)
// Finished with OSMO; a naturally derived, Oil & Wax (vegan friendly) to keep the natural look and feel of the wood
// Sanded to a smooth finish with gentle mark-making reminders, left to show the hands that created the stand.



// CARE //

// To keep clean, simply wipe over with a damp cloth. 
// Not recommended to stand upon.
// Indoor use recommended.