R A S P B E R R Y   B E R E T

australian timber stool

You can read more about the tree that this stand came from over here.

making timber natural stool

handmade australian stool

I love this stand for it's absurd structure and pink top.  Some stands I know deep in my heart will never find a home or will require to many excuses on my behalf.  I conjure up images of an abandoned kitten and suddenly I want to make it pride of place within my home.

kids stool

The top and pom-pom/tassel detail makes me deliriously happy.

timber handmade furniture

It has taught me the lessons on stability and striving for balance in my stand making.

artisan wooden stool

With all it's oddities it has a special place in my home.

// DETAILS // 
 // 28cm (height) x 28cm (width) 
 // Finished with OSMO; a naturally derived, Oil & Wax (vegan friendly) to keep the natural look and feel of the wood and reclaimed house paint
// Sanded to a semi-smooth finish with gentle mark-making reminders, left to show the hands that created the stand.

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