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australian hardwood side table

You can read more about the tree that this stand came from over here.

handmade wooden furniture decor

I give you a stand
it's simple but rare
to live in your home
and put anywhere

with five bendy legs
all different and new
it's one of its kind
just as lovely as you

Just a stand they may say
but it brings so much more
a rest for your things
like a book from the store.

natural woode

The stand's five legs slot through the top's natural hollow - secured together due to the natural friction alongside two smaller pegs of wood. The top has been coated in charcoal which was then scratched back into and given a final seal. The whole piece is smooth to touch but not polished making it a lovely textural piece for your home.

stool making progress

Half way through this stand (and a few hiccups in) I wondered if I should keep going. I wondered if there was an end in sight. I did keep forging on and I'm so glad I did because it's ended up a favourite of mine. Different hardwood timbers make up the legs - with one ridiculous wonky, ghost gum appendage. 

wood stool

This stand was handmade with great care and love. 
Every part has been thoughtfully selected, taking into considering the natural curves, blemishes and knots of wood to create a one-off piece.

australian furniture maker
I've added two tassels and a handmade pom-pom which can easily be removed or swapped over to different legs – depending on how you choose to style it yourself :)


// Designs built with care.

// Locally sourced materials to minimise carbon foot print.
// Small scale production to bring back value, into what we buy.
// Working with materials that compost and return to the earth to cause the least harm.
// Give back program.

tree planting program
// DETAILS  //

// 39.5cm (height) x 36cm approx. (width)

// Charcoal smudged top with scratched back design. 
// Finished with OSMO; a naturally derived, Oil & Wax (vegan friendly) to keep the natural look and feel of the wood
// Sanded to a semi-smooth finish with mark-making reminders, left to show the hands that created the stand. 


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// CARE //

// To keep clean, simply wipe over with a damp cloth. 
// Not recommended to stand upon.
// Indoor use recommended.