S I T   D O W N   C L U B

wooden stool

My work tend to reflect what I'm curious about in the moment - this time, hand lettering.

wooden stools

The origins of the stand date back to when I first tried my hand at wood working.  You can catch up over here, but in summary, I stumbled upon a way to make cement stands, failed at mixing cement and then came up with the idea to attach a cement paver to the top of some wooden legs.  I applaud my brain for trying new things but structurally this stand failed big time. Back to the drawing board where a new infallible design brewed and the configuration that the stand exists in today.

hardwood stool

This lovely piece of hardwood was found on a walk. 
It was too thick so it was sawed in half to reveal 
a lovely wood grain below.

hand lettering wooden stool

It has since become an everyday piece of furniture in our home.

We take it outside for a makeshift hairdressing studio, 
drag it over to the kitchen cupboard to reach an item up high 
and it's that extra seat when there's one too many guests over :)

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