The Farm - PINE 01

P I N E   0 1

I'm sitting on the tree to write these words. The tree still carries strength and beauty, holding 13 years of life within its now horizontal form. When we cut it down (you can read more here) I had no idea how emotionally attached I would become, I felt the sadness in it's falling fuelled by a respect for its growth. The tree lived on my Grandmother's property, Granit as we called her. Granit bought the land in 1980 and cleared a large percent for her horses. When she died in 2002, it became vacant and in that time, nature triumphed filling in all those empty spaces; a poetic plan in action. 2018 will see the land being cleared again for development and as much as I want to fight that, events are set in motion. When this tree fell I felt something but I imagine falling, without a blink of consideration, may be a far sadder experience. 

australian forest timber

My aim is to share the stories, so we remember where are objects come from.