The Farm - PINE 02

P I N E   0 2

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It's hard to search for just one tree in a forest and even harder when it's the last tree you get to save before the land is handed over to developers. On a practical note (once your heart steps aside) there's also the need to meticulously think everything through. Is the trunk round enough, the right thickness for a stand? Will it fall in the way you want it to and not in a way that has potential for danger? After much roaming, umming and ahhing, coupled with some educated guesses (and the tree not falling quite the way expected) it was smooth sailing once our chosen pine landed and was cut into rounds and logs and loaded into the ute.

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This particular Kentia Pine ended up being the neighbour to the first pine we cut down (which you can read about here). This time though I came prepared, I knew the steps ahead, carried gratitude in my heart and mentally gave thanks and praise to nature for her gift.

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The drying of the rounds continued back at home followed with the making process and envisioning all the stands to come - a gift in itself.