Spirit Prints

A collection to bring thoughtful design into your home.

Each artwork is available instantly via a digital download for $10 Aus. 

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Gold Rose Moon
Radiate Positivity
  Gold Rose Moon                            Radiate Positivity

Natural Bloom
You Me Sea
Natural Bloom                               You, Me and the Sea

I won the art prize in my senior year. My younger self, who literally drew herself as an artist wining awards, felt immense pride. My life was mapped out and I felt ready to conquer the world. I didn't conquer the World in the way I thought, instead I embarked upon a long journey of self doubt and wrong predictions. When I left school, I didn't get accepted into the visual arts program. I wasn't an overnight success in the art world and even when I did have success, I let the non-successes pull me down and the myriad of negative self talk, convince me I was all wrong. The only regret I have now is that I let myself stop making art. I'm so happy to be making again. I'm so happy you are hear reading this – 
From the bottom of my heart, thank-you!

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